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Expanding Horizons: Reshaping Space with AI

May 6, 2024

Creative Solutions for Tight Spaces

In the fast-paced world of video production, not every clip handed to you is perfect. Such was the challenge with a segment from the MotionLit Sales Pitch video. The task: make room for dynamic settlement numbers to fly around the speaker without crowding the frame. The catch? The footage was tight—so tight that the speaker’s hair was cropped at the top.

The Process

The solution began in Photoshop, where I employed the Generative Expand tool, powered by Adobe’s Firefly AI engine, to artistically widen the scene. This was not just about stretching pixels; it was about creating a visually coherent office environment that didn’t previously exist beyond the frame.

With a newly expanded backdrop, the next step involved delicately removing the speaker from this background. This meticulous process ensured that the subsequent steps would blend seamlessly, maintaining the footage’s original integrity.

The expanded and isolated background then served as the new stage in After Effects. Here, I undertook the intricate task of rotoscoping the speaker. Special attention was paid to his hair, using subtle mapping to correct the moments it was cropped out, ensuring a natural look.

To utilize the space effectively, I positioned the speaker on the left side of the screen, naturally leaning into the scene. The background was flipped to expose an aisle between desks on the right, creating a perfect entryway for the settlement numbers to make their visual entrance.

The Outcome

The final composition transformed a cramped shot into a dynamic, spacious visual that not only met but exceeded the project’s requirements. This edit not only solved the space issue but also added a layer of sophistication to the sales pitch, illustrating how advanced editing techniques can significantly enhance a presentation.


“Expanding Horizons” is more than a project; it’s a testament to the power of creative problem-solving in video production. By reimagining the available space, this segment of the MotionLit Sales Pitch not only communicated its message effectively but did so with visual flair that engaged the viewer from start to finish.

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