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Espresso AI: Brewing a Swift Campaign

May 13, 2024

Embracing AI for Enhanced Creativity

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, AI has emerged as a crucial tool for enhancing creativity and efficiency. For AZ Coffee’s promotional campaign, aimed at broadening its specialty coffee reach, I utilized AI to streamline the creative process, applying my marketing and design expertise to refine the output and ensure alignment with the brand’s vision.

Detailed Process of AI Integration

Initial Concept and AI Ideation: Starting with ChatGPT, I defined the project’s creative direction. AI’s initial suggestions provided a foundation which I refined to meet the brand’s unique needs.

Logo Design Challenges: Despite AI’s attempts, the logos lacked the essence of AZ Coffee. Drawing on my design background, I crafted a logo that captured the brand’s global appeal, underscoring the irreplaceable value of human creativity.

Scriptwriting with AI: ChatGPT helped draft a script that succinctly communicated AZ Coffee’s selling points. I personalized this content to resonate with the target audience, blending AI efficiency with professional insight.

Visual Content Creation: I used Midjourney and DALL-E for initial visual concepts, which were adjusted to fit the brand’s aesthetic, highlighting the necessity of human oversight.

Interactive Quiz Development: Using ChatGPT to suggest engaging questions and layout for the quiz scene, I moved into After Effects and, based on a dynamic template I customized, created a fitting scene of someone walking through a downtown environment, showing the company’s personalization in a modern, chic setting.

Final Editing and Sound Design: Leveraging Adobe Premiere’s AI tools, I edited the video efficiently, ensuring the soundtrack complemented the visual content, with my musical background guiding the final audio choices.

Overcoming Challenges

The project timeline was notably tight, with the entire process from initial concept to final draft completed in just four hours. This rapid execution showcased not only the capabilities of AI tools but also the importance of skilled human intervention to navigate and direct these tools effectively.

Reflecting on the Project

This promo not only exemplified the synergy between AI and human creativity but also demonstrated how such tools can accelerate the creative process without sacrificing quality. The ability to deliver a polished, engaging video in such a short period highlights the potential for AI to transform content creation in marketing.


The AZ Coffee promotional video is a testament to the power of combining AI-driven processes with deep marketing expertise. It illustrates how effectively AI can be integrated into creative projects, providing both speed and adaptability, and sets a new standard for rapid content delivery in the marketing industry.

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