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CAALA Vegas: A Swirling Success

April 19, 2024

Setting the Scene for Vibrancy

When it comes to making a splash in the bustling nightlife of Las Vegas, the Omnia Club at Caesar’s Palace is already a standout venue. My challenge was to enhance its visual allure for a special CAALA networking event, using only a basic image as my guide. The task: to transform a simple graphic into an immersive animated experience that filled the club with vibrant, swirling colors.

The Process

With no specific direction from CAALA and just a basic image found on their website, I set out to capture the essence of the event. The image’s swirling colors of yellow, blue, and green sparked the idea for the animation’s theme—an unending dance of paint swirls.

Leveraging Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D, I created a dynamic animation that would play across the unique setup of Omnia’s screens, which included banner screens encircling the club and a cascading screen above the main bar.

The animation also had to accommodate the presence of four sponsors. By integrating their logos with transitioning paint strokes, I ensured they appeared naturally within the swirls, before returning to the vibrant CAALA theme. This not only maintained visual coherence but also respected the sponsors’ prominence.

The Outcome

The result was a mesmerizing display that transformed the club’s atmosphere into an undulating sea of color and light. The animation added an extra layer of dynamism to the event, enhancing the overall experience and ensuring the night was unforgettable.


“Colorful Currents” at Omnia was not just a display of technical skill but a demonstration of how thoughtful animation can elevate an event. By transforming a static image into a fluid animation that enveloped the venue, the project showcased the transformative power of digital art in a high-energy environment.

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